Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Point Mallard Campground with Friends April 18-20, 2008

We have some friends (Lee and Donna) that have a 5th wheel and wanted to join us for a weekend of camping, but both DH and Lee have to work on Saturday, so we picked a place close and familiar. We went back to Point Mallard campground. As it turns out, I got site 12 again and our friends had site 14.

I got there about 1:00 on Friday and decided to set up sideways so they wouldn't be staring at the back of my camper and we would be more like neighbors.

Lee & Donna arrived about 6:30 ish Friday and we just talked a bit and watched the rain come down and called it a night.

Lee worked Saturday and Donna and myself just chilled outside with our feet up and I read a good book.

Rick and Lee got back to the campground Saturday afternoon and we grilled hamburgers and brats on the grill and just generally was lazy.

Sunday morning Rick made his famous omelets and we packed up and headed for home.

Donna having burgers

Lee enjoying dinner

My T@B set up sideways on site 12.

Carol reading through the big RV toy catalog

Donna relaxing under her awning

Donna, Carol & Lee having a deep conversation

Breaking camp on Sunday

Donna & Lee's 5th wheel

Using a blower instead of a broom to clean off the pollen and the "stuff" from the rugs

Rick made me leave this one in :-)

Draining the water hose.

Thanks for looking!!

Coming next a trip to Mountain Stream RV Park in Marion, NC for a T@B Rally. 25 T@Bs!!!!

(75 miles)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hatch Fixed!!!!

Today I picked up my T@B from the dealer after having the hatch replaced because it was leaking.

Clam Shell T@Bs will allow water inside the hatch, but they have drain holes, a seal, and a drain channel to allow water to leave the hatch instantly and not pool inside the hatch, or get inside the kitchen.

My original hatch was not allowing water to drain appropriately and water was staying inside the hatch and the inside hatch skin was delaminating. Water would only drain out of the hatch when the lid was raised and it drained out of the latch holes.

Dutchman provided a 2008 Production Line Hatch to my dealer and it solved the problem. There are several differences in this hatch over my previous hatch that is improved design. There is a different inside skin material and there is some chrome trim on the inside. They have also installed a thicker gasket on the hatch so that it does not sit totally inside the drain channel and now the drain holes have more room for water to drain out.

Here is a blowup of how my old hatch sat in the drain channel.

Here is how the new hatch sits in the channel.

Here are some pictures of the interior trim, thicker seal, and drain hole.

Thanks for looking!! I hope this helps someone with hatch problems!!!