Sunday, March 29, 2009

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hugh White State Park, Tearjerkers, Grenada, MS, 03/06-08/09

Ya see this snow. This was what was going on the weekend before I went camping!!! When Wednesday came around, and it said it was going to be in the upper 70s, then, yep camping I was gonna go!!!

So, I booked at Hugh White State Park in Grenada, MS where the Magnolia Chapter of the Tearjerkers was having it's first get together. I had a pleasant drive there, and a wonderful time all weekend with the folks. Good food, good nightly fire, wonderful conversation with the other folks there, and we gave lots of tours of our little campers.

Here are the pics!!

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(550 Miles)
Coming Next: I'm taking her to have some luggage hatch doors installed on either side and getting an outside cable connection put in. I want to be able to use that storage under the bed without tearing the bed apart!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pneumatic Jockey Wheel

Today I received the Pneumatic Jockey Wheel from

It is a huge improvement over the plastic jockey wheel provided by Dutchman. The T@B rolls around so much easier. While it is quite a bit more expensive than just buying a spare assembly here in the US, to me as an often solo traveler, it is so worth it.

I have a ClamShell which has the shortest available space on the tongue, and it "just" fits in the up position, so folks with the other floor plans will have plenty of clearance for it in the up position.Here is the old jockey wheel.

The only negative with the whole thing is that the valve stem for adding air is a bit hard to get to.

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Coming next, I'm going camping this weekend at Hugh White State Park in Mississippi.