Friday, February 27, 2009

Shocks Installed

After hearing about a direct way to purchase shocks from the UK, I ordered a pair immediately. The pair cost $145 and change including shipping. This may vary according to the exchange rate for any particular day.

They arrived within 4 days of ordering them.

Here are a couple pictures of the installed shocks with one picture showing a close up of where the bracket slides into the wheel assembly.

Thanks to all who have helped us locate this wonderful addition to our T@Bs!!!
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Thursday, February 26, 2009

HOT1 Hot Water Machine

Here are a couple of pictures of the InSinkErator HOT1 Faucet I added to my kitchen in the T@B back in November.

AM/FM/XM CD Radio Installation

Today we installed a new Pioneer AM/FM/XM Player in the T@B.

The first thing I did was mark the opening with a pencil, then took the board down, then we measured the opening area and marked where we needed to cut the hole for the stereo mounting bracket. You can't just center the bracket on the board as the board was installed a bit crooked.

Then we cut the hole for the mounting bracket.The stereo came with a standard wiring harness. We used the 12V wiring, speaker wiring, and antenna wiring that was existing in the closet from the old Coby TV. We also added an XM tuner made specifically for the Pioneer Radio that uses the radio controls.Then I used several cable ties to control all the wires. Voila, a neatly installed Radio!! Although not pictured, I ran the XM antenna out the window and used a Command Adhesive Strip to attach it to the outside of the T@B.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

New Television and Wineguard Antenna

I installed a new 10 1/2" Coby TV/DVD Player and a Wineguard Antenna for my T@B this weekend.

The TV had to be mounted on a board. There was no way to use the mounting holes in the depth of the existing cabinet. I bought a white shelf 11.8 deep and cut it to 15 1/4" wide. I mounted the TV to the board using the mounting template provided.

Before mounting the TV to the board, I drilled four holes through both the board and the cabinet in locations where I could get a socket on them. I used 2" by 1/4" carriage bolts and fender washers to mount the board and TV to the cabinet. I used carriage bolts so that the hex portion would dig into the wood as I was tightening down because I would not be able to put a socket on the other end of the bolt.
The power cord runs through the existing wire cover and and hole that T@B put there for the other TV

The TV plugs into a power strip that I had already run into the closet. I decided not to use the 12 volt wiring that was run to the old Coby as I want to run an AM/FM XM CD player on the 12 volt supply. I know that limits me to TV when I have power, but I really don't boondock that much, if any. I am also just using the internal speakers on the television and did not connect them to the T@B speakers at all.
The cable runs out the window
It can then be connected to cable provided by the campground OR
My Wineguard Foldout Antenna. I mounted it to a 3/4" by 6 1/2' piece of conduit piping.
I pound a 2' piece of rebar into the ground, then slide the pipe over the rebar.
To lower the antenna for travel, I loosen the screw on the right
And this wingnut on the antenna bracket

And lower it down.
All ready to be stowed in the trailer.
Ready for travel.

I know many have actually installed the antenna directly to their T@B, but I will only bring it with me to campgrounds that don't have cable. The large bracket on the antenna came with the antenna, the small brackets were found in the same aisle at Home Depot as the electrical conduit. They came in a package of 5.
Coming next, AM/FM/XM Stereo install.
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