Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Charge Line and Relay Photos

Here are some pictures of the charge wire and isolation relay as installed in my truck.
The blue wire goes back to the 7-pin connection at the back of my truck.
The red wire goes to the positive terminal on my battery with an inline 30amp fuse.
The thicker black wire is grounded to a bolt inside the engine compartment.
The thinner black wire was soldered to a blown fuse after cutting off a portion of the plastic housing, then we found a spare switched fuse slot in our fuse panel and stuck it in there.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Fort Wilderness Party!!! July 3rd - 6th!!

Howdy all!!

This was a quick trip to Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort to meet up with some friends from the camping section of in what Disney labels a Grand Gathering. For this bunch, it's an excuse to go to the Fort, hang out and consume lots of drinks and good food!!

I arrived very early Friday morning, July 4th and got set up. Some folks that owned a T@DA had emailed me and said they were in Loop 300, so I rode my bike by on a couple of occasions, but never could catch anyone at home.

Every 4th of July, Fort Wilderness has a Golf Cart Parade. Folks can rent or bring personal carts and they decorate them up for the Holiday.

I don't have a cart, so I decided to film the parade instead. Here is the video of the parade in three parts.
Part 1 -
Part 2 -
Part 3 -

After the golf cart parade, I visited with friends and had breakfast, then went back to my campsite and did some work and took a bit of a nap, since I hadn't been to bed yet. :-)

I was also asked to get some pictures of the new archery experience they have at the Fort. I saw where it was set up, but by the time I walked over, they were breaking it down.

I went to Downtown Disney that evening to have some dinner and spend the evening at the Adventurer's Club. I picked me up a Full Montegue at Earl of Sandwich. Yummy!! Then I just wandered DTD and PI taking some pictures until Adventurer's Club opened.

Construction pictures of T-Rex

Fulton's Crab House before the upcoming redesign (probably stripping it of it's last semblance of looking like a steamboat.)
Some PI pictures

Inside the Adventurer's Club

The 4th of July Fireworks at Downtown Disney. Pretty nice display.

Finally on Saturday, I had some time to take some pictures of my setup. This is site 1423. Electric, Water, Sewer, and Cable.

During the day on Saturday, I met with a friend from home who is working at WDW on the Intern Program, and delivered her a goody box from her mom, then spent the afternoon resting at the campsite and doing a little work.
Saturday evening is when the fun began. There was a big party over in Loop 1000 with lots of great food, lots to drink cause the blender never got a break!! About midnight, we all hopped into golf carts and just started riding around the Fort. After it was all said and done, there were probably about 40 carts "looping" with us. It was great fun till some teenagers joined us and started beeping their horns.

Not much to tell after that. Sunday morning, broke down camp, then started the long drive back home.
Thanks for reading!!!
(1400 miles)