Monday, June 9, 2008

Replacement Fire Extinguisher Holder

I fixed my fire extinguisher holder. The old one broke, plus even before it broke, the fire extinguisher ended up rolling around in the floor every trip.
I used a quick release strap found in Wal-Mart's camping section, cut it short to fit, seared the end with a cigarette lighter and used the screws that came off the old holder and a couple of flat washers to secure the strap to the wood.

Lake Guntersville State Park, Guntersville, AL - June 6 - 8

This weekend I went to Lake Guntersville State Park. Our Scout Troop was having a waterskiing and swimming campout, so I tagged along to lifeguard and enjoy the good barbecue dinner that was going to be served on Saturday night :-)

I got there about 12:30 on Friday, and the place was packed!!! There were only about a dozen sites left tops. (Guntersville does not take reservations except for Holiday weekends, and for a 3-night minimum then.) I got site C-16 (water/electric) which was really far from the lake and really far from the group area where the Scouts were staying, but I was happy to have the site instead of a parking lot with a few electrical outlets scattered about. Primitive and parking lot overflow was the only thing left by 3:00 pm.

Not too bad of a site. Pretty easy to back into, but the electric post was a bit of a distance from the site and the water was very far from the site. You need a minimum of 35 ft of water hose for this one.

There was absolutely no rain forecast whatsoever, so I just put up one popup shelter for a bit of shade.

Here are some pictures of the Scouts and families hanging out in the group area, and socializing at the Barbecue dinner and Court of Honor.

And of course, the obligatory sunset over Lake Guntersville picture!! Always beautiful!!

Thanks for reading!!!

Coming next - Ft. Wilderness at Walt Disney World for 4th of July!! A weekend of hangin' with friends, watching fireworks, and consuming good food and beverages!!
(150 miles)