Sunday, September 27, 2009

T@B Grey Water Sewer Line and Sewer Line Holder

I made a T@B grey water sewer line and devised an easy way to store it on the T@B.

First I took an old garden hose and cut it off short, and mounted another female hose connector on the other end.

I purchased this water hose adapter and siliconed it to a sewer hose connector.
The connector looks like this.

I put the connector into one end of a standard RV sewer hose, and on the other end, a standard RV sewer elbow. I also have a couple other lengths of sewer hose and some connectors if I need more sewer hose.
To store it on my T@B, I purchased a piece of 4" PVC cut to 6 foot in length.
I got a couple of large hose clamps that would go around the PVC
I got two threaded pipe ends, and two threaded pipe caps.

I then drilled holes in my tounge frame approximately 6 5/8" from the front of the T@B. I had to be extremely careful when drilling the driver side as there was a power cord on the inside of the frame and I didn't want to knick that with my drill.
I also drilled holes in the hose clamps to mount them to the T@B frame. I used machine screws, lock washers, and nylon lock nuts to mount them through the holes.

I used PVC primer and PVC glue to mount the threaded ends on either end of the PVC.
I slid the PVC pipe through the hose clamps and tightened them down, then I just slide the entire sewer line and connectors into the PVC pipe. I used a Dremel to file down some connectors and tabs that were on the hose adapter so that it would fit inside the PVC pipe.
Then I just screw in the pipe caps and it's ready for travel.
I'm not sure this would work on T@Bs that have the plastic propane tank and battery cover, but I'd thought I'd show everyone since so many folks have been asking about Grey Water Sewer Lines for their T@B. I had actually made the sewer line more than a year ago, but hadn't used it much, cause I really didn't have room for it. Now, it stores easily and is out of the way!!
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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

TN Tearjerkers, Natchez Trace State Park, September 18-20, 2009

After a long summer of not being able to camp, I finally got out to Natchez Trace State Park with the Tennessee Chapter of the Tearjerkers. We were at the Pin Oak RV Campground which is really nice!! We had a wonderful weekend socializing and comparing notes on our campers, and had some good eatin on Saturday night at the potluck. Even though it rained on and off all weekend, it didn't dampen the fun!!

Here are a few pictures of all of the beautiful trailers folks brought!!

I was in site 51 which was a pull-through and had water, electric, and sewer. It was a good size and very level. There was not much shade in this particular area because of a tornado that came through a few years ago, but they have planted several trees, and they will grow in nicely. The bath house was nearby and was VERY nice. The campsites were $25 a night, payable in cash (or maybe check). Every evening, the camp ranger drives around to the sites, and if someone new is in, they ask how many nights, take your money, and give you a receipt and post marker right then. Very convenient for the campers. However, there are no reservations in the TN state park system.

This was the first trip with my new shelters. Before I had 4 10x10 popup shelters, and they had become quite worn over time. I found 2 10x20 popup shelters on ebay and they had a vaulted frame all the way across. These are great!! Plenty of roof height for my T@B and fewer leak points. I can leave my hatch up no matter what the weather now!!

A view of the "loop" we were in.

On Sunday, got out of the campground about 2pm. We had a mid morning rain storm that I just waited out instead of rushing to beat. After getting back on the interstate and within cell tower range again, I called Rick and he met me in Nashville and we had dinner at Opry Mills Mall. Now that I have the new garage, I don't have to be in a hurry to get home on Sunday afternoon!! We got home about 9pm. We pushed the camper into the garage, and then went in the house!! I can spend all week putting things away and doing the laundry!!
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(450 Miles)
Coming next - T@B Rally at Four Paws Kingdom in Rutherford, NC!! Can't wait!! It's been almost a year since I've camped with other T@B folks!!