Thursday, September 3, 2009

MOUSE-KE-T@B Has a New Home

When we first got our T@B we were hunting for a place to keep her when not in use. The driveway wasn't a good option because we wanted both cars in the garage.

My dad offered to let us store her in his backyard and that worked well, until..........

One day when picking up the T@B, I got my truck stuck in his yard, and that ended that.

Then we kept her in outside storage at a storage facility, and her cover disappeared.......

The storage place said it must have been weather and it blew off, but it had not shown any signs of blowing off in almost 2 years, so we decided we really needed another solution.

So after 6 months of mud, big holes in our yard, and struggles with contractors.....

Mouse-Ke-T@B has a New HOME!!!!

Let's see what's behind these gates
A 24x24 double car garage with 8 foot doors!!
The T@B fits perfectly!!! I decided to put her on the left side and push her in because of the location of the side entry door, and I also don't think I could back her in around the corner.
I had a winch installed to pull her in, in case I don't have help, or if we ever upgrade to a T@DA, cause the driveway does have a slight slope to it.
Easy to reach storage for all my "stuff"
A dedicated 30 Amp plug
A place to hang my bike
We also got a new deck
And a professionally landscaped yard with irrigation system

Pretty fountain and a vinyl privacy fence. They just seeded the back today.
Oh, and there is room for Rick's new John Deere tractor too. (However, he hasn't got to use it yet, cause we haven't had a yard!!!!)

Thanks for reading!!!
Oh, if you want to view the pictures of the entire project, go to:
Coming next, now that this is all done, I finally get to go camping in a few weeks. Going to Natchez Trace State Park in TN with the Tearjerkers group.
Carol & Rick


T@BOULI AND COMPANY (Susan and Bob) said...

Congratulations! That building is a beauty!! You're going to love having your T@B right there where you can get to it any time of the day or night! See you at Four Paws in Oct??
Susan (and Bob)

Carol & Rick said...

Yep, I'll be at Four Paws!!

meekorouse said...

cool! good solution.. seems like around here there's so many places that don't allow for having a camper of any kind. being able to safely & esthetically store your stuff is very cool!

Tim Scheitlin said...

Nice garage! I am quite jealous :-).