Sunday, September 27, 2009

T@B Grey Water Sewer Line and Sewer Line Holder

I made a T@B grey water sewer line and devised an easy way to store it on the T@B.

First I took an old garden hose and cut it off short, and mounted another female hose connector on the other end.

I purchased this water hose adapter and siliconed it to a sewer hose connector.
The connector looks like this.

I put the connector into one end of a standard RV sewer hose, and on the other end, a standard RV sewer elbow. I also have a couple other lengths of sewer hose and some connectors if I need more sewer hose.
To store it on my T@B, I purchased a piece of 4" PVC cut to 6 foot in length.
I got a couple of large hose clamps that would go around the PVC
I got two threaded pipe ends, and two threaded pipe caps.

I then drilled holes in my tounge frame approximately 6 5/8" from the front of the T@B. I had to be extremely careful when drilling the driver side as there was a power cord on the inside of the frame and I didn't want to knick that with my drill.
I also drilled holes in the hose clamps to mount them to the T@B frame. I used machine screws, lock washers, and nylon lock nuts to mount them through the holes.

I used PVC primer and PVC glue to mount the threaded ends on either end of the PVC.
I slid the PVC pipe through the hose clamps and tightened them down, then I just slide the entire sewer line and connectors into the PVC pipe. I used a Dremel to file down some connectors and tabs that were on the hose adapter so that it would fit inside the PVC pipe.
Then I just screw in the pipe caps and it's ready for travel.
I'm not sure this would work on T@Bs that have the plastic propane tank and battery cover, but I'd thought I'd show everyone since so many folks have been asking about Grey Water Sewer Lines for their T@B. I had actually made the sewer line more than a year ago, but hadn't used it much, cause I really didn't have room for it. Now, it stores easily and is out of the way!!
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Dresden said...

Do they use lock washers in the sewer line, or are my eyes deceiving me? It looks like in picture 2 that there are lock washers there.

Anonymous said...

Thank You for a nice, clear presentation!