Thursday, February 26, 2009

AM/FM/XM CD Radio Installation

Today we installed a new Pioneer AM/FM/XM Player in the T@B.

The first thing I did was mark the opening with a pencil, then took the board down, then we measured the opening area and marked where we needed to cut the hole for the stereo mounting bracket. You can't just center the bracket on the board as the board was installed a bit crooked.

Then we cut the hole for the mounting bracket.The stereo came with a standard wiring harness. We used the 12V wiring, speaker wiring, and antenna wiring that was existing in the closet from the old Coby TV. We also added an XM tuner made specifically for the Pioneer Radio that uses the radio controls.Then I used several cable ties to control all the wires. Voila, a neatly installed Radio!! Although not pictured, I ran the XM antenna out the window and used a Command Adhesive Strip to attach it to the outside of the T@B.

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