Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hugh White State Park, Tearjerkers, Grenada, MS, 03/06-08/09

Ya see this snow. This was what was going on the weekend before I went camping!!! When Wednesday came around, and it said it was going to be in the upper 70s, then, yep camping I was gonna go!!!

So, I booked at Hugh White State Park in Grenada, MS where the Magnolia Chapter of the Tearjerkers was having it's first get together. I had a pleasant drive there, and a wonderful time all weekend with the folks. Good food, good nightly fire, wonderful conversation with the other folks there, and we gave lots of tours of our little campers.

Here are the pics!!

Thanks for reading!!!
(550 Miles)
Coming Next: I'm taking her to have some luggage hatch doors installed on either side and getting an outside cable connection put in. I want to be able to use that storage under the bed without tearing the bed apart!!


Allee Family said...

I love the Mickey Mouse Theme! I am not only an big Mickey fan, but also an avid camper. I stumbled onto your blog when searching for Mickey cabinet hardware for my kitchen. Is there anyway I can get you to repsond and let me know where you picked up your cabinet hardware - my kitchen is decorated in Mickey pieces, and those would be a fabulous addition! It looks great!

Carol & Rick said...

I picked these up on eBay almost two years ago.

The stores at DisneyWorld have the ones with the colors (Red, Black, White, Yellow).

Hope this helps!

SewAmy said...

just love you little teardrop.