Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Gatherings of Friends - Walt Disney World - October 5th - 21st

Me with Mickey & Pluto

The "group" on Tower of Terror. The contrast of us old pros on the left compared with the newbies on the right that were absolutely terrified made this a GREAT picture!!!
The "group" in front of Rock n Roller Coaster. Pam, Allison's mom, Allison, Lori, Jack's daughter, Carol, Sen, Big Brian, and Jack.

These are my friends David and Buff, that spent the first week in my campsite with me.

These are some of the folks at the big meet & greet on Saturday. I see Marta, Bruce's daughter, Jenn

This one has Pam, Laurie, Rob, Kim, Allison, Kenny, & Jack?

With Chip and Dale on Sunday morning. Denise, Pam, Jenn, Sean, Jack, & Carol

Here is the gathering at my campsite.
Sean, Pam, and Jenn

Sean, Bruce, & Randy

Randy, Pam, Jenn in the back, and Brian

Randy & Jack

Pam & Randy

Pam, Randy, Jenn, and Sean

rbthnthschl and his partner (from DisBoards), Pam, Jenn, and Brian

At the campfire

Brian, Denise, and Sean (and the red cups with wine :-)

Kenny, Allison, Jack, Randy

Allison, Randy, Pam

At mini-golf

Pam, Allison, Marta, Sam, Jack

Allison, Jack Sean, Bruce, Pam, Randy

Bruce, Jack, & Randy

At Jungle Cruise

Mickey Mom's Friend, Pam, Mickey Mom

Noshing around the world

Sam, Denise, Bruce, Marta, and Amy

Pam, Sean, Jenn, & Laurie starting with Daquiris

At Trails End for Breakfast

Sean, Pam, Brian, Bruce, Jenn

Mickey Mom, Jack, & Randy

At the Main Street Train Station

Randy, Pam, Brian, Bruce

Mickey Mom & her friend with Chip & Dale

Jenn and Denise fighting at Pirates

Jenn, Brian, Sean, Pam, and Denise at Trails End

Randy at the Main Street Train Station

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