Monday, October 8, 2007

Campgrounds - Disney World - October 5th - 21st

For those of you who saw the post earlier, I decided to rearrange the blog a bit. The trip was way too long to give a detailed blow by blow. So for the first post here are pictures of campsites.

Here are a couple of pictures of the campsite where I stopped on the road for before heading to Ft. Wilderness at Walt Disney World. Easy pull through site. Level enough that I could plug in and run the Cool Cat and not worry about it not draining.

Next is Ft. Wilderness at Disney World. This is so far the best campground I have ever stayed at. Friendly for all types of rigs except for the humongous ones. Some of the sites are a little tight for the really big rigs and only two pull through sites out of 700 something sites.

Fort Wilderness has three levels of sites. Partial hookup (electric and water). Full hookup (electric, water, and sewer), and Preferred Full hookup (electric, water, sewer, cable, and internet, closer to amenities). Many folks say that Ft. Wilderness is expensive, but one thing that Ft. Wilderness does allow is up to 10 guests on each site and no limit to tents (in addition to one camping vehicle) and additional awnings. As long as it will fit within the confines of your driveway and sand pad, you can set it up. Many state parks I've been to only allow one camper or one tent on the site, so a party of four adults in a camper and tent would have to get two sites, not so at Ft. Wilderness.

On to the pictures.

The entrance to Disney Property.

The check-in window. You drive through and they take care of all the paperwork without you ever leaving your vehicle.

My campsite as we set it up. We had my camper, 4 EZ-Ups, a small utility trailer and a 13x13 tent set up. This is site 2020 in a partial hookup loop. It was right across the road from a comfort station.

Here is the path to the comfort station, and some brush clearing they are working on. The 2004 hurricanes did a lot more damage than they originally thought and with the lack of rain there is a real threat of trees falling and fires, so they are doing a lot of clearing.

This is one of the transportation hubs at Ft. Wilderness, there are plenty of buses to take you anywhere on Disney property. No need to drive around.

This is golf cart parking near the bus stop. You can drive a golf cart, bicycle or electric scooter throughout the campground. You can only drive your car to and from your campsite.

One of the horse stables at the campground. There are horse trail rides and pony rides available.

If you want to bring your pets, you must reserve a "pet loop" and if you want to leave your pet at your campsite while you are at the parks, you must have a hard-sided camper. They have a great kennel on property where you can leave your pet during the day (and can leave overnight), but you must come and walk your pet twice a day.

This is one of the buses running through the campground to pick up folks at their loops.

This is a typical comfort station. Men's side, women's side, and laundry in the middle. Also a pay phone, and house phone to call the front desk, make dining reservations, or to contact any other department on Disney property. There is also park schedules, and campground activity schedules posted.

This is Randy's setup. He was there for three weeks. Lucky dog him!!

This is the layout of a typical partial hookup site.

My driveway must have had a bit of a slope to it as my airconditioning drainoff was draining toward my rug, so I added some hose to encourage it to drain and soak into the sand.

I bought and added some more Mickey Mouse stuff to the kitchen.

My friends staying in the tent left after the first week, so after their tent was fully aired out I took it down and rearranged the campsite a bit. With three EZ-Up shelters I have almost 300 square feet of dry space outside my T@B, and I bet I could put up the tarp walls and heat or AC some of that outside space if I so desired.

This is a picture of a fellow DisBoarder that flew in and tent camped!! It was great meeting you!!

Ft. Wilderness also has 7 loops of Wilderness Cabins for those that want to "gently" rough it. They are in the process of remodeling the interior of the cabins. This loop was closed and empty. They were also doing some clearing.

These are pictures of the small pool and laundry facility by the cabins.

A piece of River Country still exists!!! (This was a water park at Ft. Wilderness that has since closed down)

(1400 Miles)