Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Few Modifications

I just recently got a new Tow Vehicle - 2009 Explorer Sport Trac V8 with Class III/IV Tow Package.

When attempting to hook the T@B up to it for the first time realized the "Loops" for the safety chains were too big for the existing hooks and breakaway cable.

I found the following solutions:

Larger replacement Hooks - 5/16" Latch Slip Hook (found at Lowes) solved the safety chain problem:

A 3/8" Shank Loop that will just hang on my hitch solved the Breakaway Cable problem. (Rated to 2000 lbs).
I also had my dealer install a couple of things for me.
An outside cable connection. No more cables hanging out the window.
And a small hatch door to access the area under the bed. I don't have a furnace, so that storage space was totally wasted. It's not very big, but it is big enough for me to put my power cord in there. I've got another larger hatch door on order for the door side. That will make it much easier to access that formerly unused space as I leave the bed up all the time and it's too much hassle to get under there.
Coming next: My kitchen hatch fixed once and for all. (I hope!)

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