Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kitchen Hatch Repaired for Good!!

I had a few problems with my kitchen hatch, so had it replaced under warranty by my dealer. When they originally replaced it, apparently the hinge had some problems.

A few weeks after it was replaced it started "scootching" to the right and would leak if it was wet after I opened the door. So I took it back and they "fixed" it, but the fix was really ugly and gooey with sealant and caulk and a few months later it was scootching to the right again.
We took it back to the dealer for some other work and just showed them the hatch. The manager looked at it and right away said that was unnaceptable and told us it would be fixed for good at no charge to us!!! (Even though the warranty had expired).

They put in a new hinge assembly, straightened everything out and also put in a pop rivet on either side of the hinge so it can't "scootch" in either direction!!

Woo Hoo!!!

Here are a couple of pics.

Thanks for reading!!!

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