Saturday, May 22, 2010

Some Needed Mods to the T@B

Below are a few pictures of some recent mods I had done to my T@B.

First is the Plexiglass AC Vent cover. Big thanks to Sharon and Bob at the Blue Ridge Rally for acquiring the parts and installing this for me!!!

Next is a rubber gasket placed over my hatch hinge. I ordered a piece of EPDM rubber off of ebay and took it and some pictures from some teardrop forums to my dealer and this is what he came back with. The fix turned out beautiful!! The ebay seller is rubbermann7. Here is a direct link to his ebay store. The dealer used white standard RV trim, with white rubber trim mold. I couldn't be happier!! After three years and umpteen different trys at fixing this, finally no more leaks!!!!

My next mod is a storage door placed on the door side to access the under bed storage. I found the door from and also had my dealer install this. I had a similar door installed on the driver side about a year ago. The power cord goes in the driver side storage area, and my water hose and grey water container goes in this door. I can now plug in and connect water without entering my T@B or digging in the truck.

The outdoor plug was originally where the storage door is now, so the dealer relocated the plug to in front of the tire.

The last gizmo added is a bracket for a new XM antenna. I had a button antenna, but was having trouble acquiring an XM signal at some campgrounds. I saw this antenna on another T@B at the Blue Ridge rally, and they were getting an excellent signal with the antenna where I was not getting one, so I ordered it off ebay, then had the dealer screw and seal the bracket to the outside of the T@B.

Also while at the dealer, he went all around the T@B and reapplied caulking where necessary and plugged a hole where I could see daylight coming in one wheel well. Gotta keep the maintenance up!!!

Thanks for looking!!

Coming next, Lake Guntersville State Park with the Alabama Chapter of the Tearjerkers!


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satyan57 said...

You inspire me to get busy and maintain our little Vella, Thanks. Donna