Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Some Minor Adjustments

Here are some pictures of a few minor things I did to the T@B.

I bought a piece of indoor/outdoor carpet to make a larger rug for under the awning and had some left over, so I used that on the interior floor of the T@B.

I removed the base of the table to reduce weight and provide some storage room under the bed.

I discovered the bottom edge of the awning rail is very sharp. I took a file to the bottom edge of the rail to smooth it out.

It ripped a hole in my cover.

I used some iron-on patch material to repair the hole. It didn't stick very well, so I ended up sewing it on.

I installed a Command Adhesive hook on the outside of the T@B to hang my raingear on.

We had an old auto windshield shade from a car that we had sold, and it didn't fit the replacement car, so I cut a piece of it to fit over the vent fan, to help darken things up. I used velcro to attach it to the vent.

I got a new locking hitch pin to replace the one I lost and a new hitch bar with the ball mounted on the rise instead of the drop because my jockey wheel was scraping entering my driveway and the driveway of the storage place.

Coming tomorrow, what was Red is now Blue, and some Mouse Ears too.

Thanks for looking!

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