Sunday, August 12, 2007

Outside Speaker Switches

Today myself and my audiophile son installed a couple of cutoff switches for the outside Speakers on my Clam Shell.

The first thing we did was open up the upper closet shelf again becuase I knew there were some speaker connections in there. When we disconnected one of the wires, instead of two speakers inside or outside turning off one inside left and one outside left turned off, so we had to go closer to the speakers to find where they split off.

We discovered a panel in the kitchen cabinets that revealed the speakers

We cut one of the leads to the rear speaker, and attached a blade connector that matched the simple 12 volt switch purchased at Radio Shack and drilled a hole in the panel so the switch was accessible inside the cabinet.

We repeated on the other side. We set it so forward is off and back is on.

We found that it only helped reduce outside speaker sound a little bit when the hatch is open because the inside speakers are just in behind that panel facing down. However, when we are inside the camper, it actually improved the sound quality of the interior speakers. The switches and the blade connectors were less than $7.

Thanks for looking!!!

Carol & Rick
2007 Clam Shell #2741

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