Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mammoth Cave Caravan, May 7th

Today, I had planned to do something else touristy, and was really looking to do something high on the "cheesy" factor, but somehow lost the energy to go anywhere. A group of us went to the Mammoth Cave Lodge and had breakfast at the restaurant, but then I came back to the camper and just watched movies all day.

This was our final night as a group, so we had a potluck and celebrated Derby Day!!

We gathered in the clubhouse and watched the Kentucky Derby.

Everybody pitched in a few bucks for random drawings on the horses and I drew the winner, Animal Kingdom!!! $19 bucks richer :-)



Yeah, I know I should have worn a hat. One of the ladies knocked on my door while I was watchin (napping through) old movies and asked if I wanted to go hat shopping and I declined. It TOTALLY went over my head that Derby Day needed a Derby Hat.


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