Saturday, July 14, 2007

Battery Disconnect Install

Today I installed a battery disconnect switch for the MOUSE-KE-T@B.

The disconnect switch came from Wal-Mart. I drilled a hole from the battery compartment in the clam shell to the small storage area next to the port a potty with a 1" spade bit, then two smaller holes for the mounting screws. I used some screws and washers I had around the house to secure the switch to the wall.

Here is what it looks like near the battery. I slid the plastic protectors down so you could see the crimping I did. That is the wire to the negative post on the battery.

Here is the other side where the key goes

Here are the connectors I used. They are "Pulse FX Audio-Crimp Ring 8 GA. 3/8"

That is some hefty wire they use for the battery lead and ground. It is 6 gauge. Very stiff and hard to work with in the cramped space in the clamshell. The disconnect is a must for the clamshell as the battery is inside a vented box under the closet and very hard to get to.

Thanks for looking.

Rick & Carol

Next, XM radio cradle install.

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