Friday, July 13, 2007

MOUSE-KE-T@B Storage Modifications

Here are some pictures of some things I did to the T@B to optimize the kitchen and interior storage of the MOUSE-KE-T@B.

Hang Bar Removed and Plastic Storage Drawers put in the closet. It is held down with heavy duty velcro. These will hold our clothes. For longer trips, I'll have additional clothes in a plastic footlocker in the truck. To the left of the drawers is a broom, dustpan, mesh collapsible garbage can, and mesh collapsible laundry hamper.

This is our toaster oven.

We secured it to the counter with RV TV holds.

The dish drainer is stored in behind the fresh water container under the stove.

Kitchen tools and a cutting board is stored in the bottom of the cabinet under the sink.

A wire rack is secured to the inside of the cabinet door with Command adhesive clips.

RV Hand Soap with a sticky bottom mount.

RV Sanitizer with a sticky bottom mount. Also shown is a digital battery volt meter plugged into the 12 Volt Socket

Spice Rack Secured to the kitchen wall with Command Adhesive Strips

Plastic Drawers secured to the cabinet with Heavy Duty Velcro. Drawers hold silverware, trivets, grill lighter, and other miscellaneous kitchen stuff. Wire rack in bottom of cabinet holds dishes cups, bowls on top shelf and under shelf some camping pots and pans, dish towels and Brillo Pads.
Not pictured. In the under bench storage next to the port a potty I have stored the 30 Amp electrical cord, the fresh water hose, the collapsible grey water container, and various other extension cords and power strips. Once we set up camp and remove most of that stuff that storage area will be used for our shower bags with our toiletries and shower shoes.
The cupboards above the front bench will be used for laundry supplies, and CDs/DVDs.
The upper kitchen cupboards will be used for dry food storage for the trip.
The storage under the benches will only be used for linens in XXL Zip Loc bags when the camper is in storage. I am SO GLAD we got the clam shell as breaking down the bed each day to use it for cooking and dining will be waay too much trouble. We bought a roll up table to sit outside to eat on under our screen room.
Rick & Carol
Next MOUSE-KE-T@B Decorations!!

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Debbie said...

Wow.... you've done a LOT of nice modifications here.... some fabulous ideas for me to incorporate into our MH...... thanks for sharing!!