Thursday, July 19, 2007

XM Radio and Cable Splitter Install

Today I finally got my XM radio hooked up to my T@B. Originally, I had purchased an XM Car Kit with an FM Modulator. Well, since I have the Coby TV unit, what I really needed was the home kit. So I went back on eBay, resold the Car Kit and Modulator, and purchased a home kit. The home kit arrived last night. While I had everything torn apart, I decided to also install a cable splitter/switch, so that if we ever do stay at a campsite with cable, it will be easy to hook in.

Here are the parts for the XM Home Kit.

The first thing I needed to do since the home kit runs on AC vs. 12 volt, I had to get power over to the closet area. So I drilled some holes in the cabinet and ran a heavy duty extension cord and some power strips.
Cord from the battery compartment into the under bench storage.
Cord coming out of the under bench storage with the cord plugs that I ordered.
Cord secured to the floor with Command Adhesive tie downs and plugged into a power strip into the outlet under the bed. The power strip is attached with heavy duty velcro.
The next thing I did was take down the top shelf in the closet to get to the wires.
Then I took out the screws holding the TV unit to the cabinet. I had to use a couple of pickle buckets to set it on as there is one wire that is hardwired to the unit.
I plugged the AV Cable that came with the XM Kit into the auxiliary ports in the back of the TV. I disconnected the existing cable from the TV and connected a 6 foot coax cable. I ran the 6 foot coax through the existing wire conduit into the cabinet. I pulled the original coax through the hole so it was in the cabinet.
I then ran a second 6 foot coax through the conduit and ran it along the top of the window shade. I then attached an extender to the coax so that we can attach a long flat coax and run it out the window to the campsite cable connection.
I then drilled two holes from the closet into the upper cabinet above the TV and ran the power cord and the other end of the AV cord into the upper cabinet.
I then drilled a hole in the bottom of the upper cabinet with a 3/8" spade bit, but actually welled it out a bit to make the hole slightly larger. The Antenna lead will come through this hole and connect to the back of the base. I wanted the hole a bit bigger as we will disconnect the antenna and place it in a drawer for travel.
Here is a test fit of the base and my Radio.
Here is the power strip that the radio will plug into in the closet. We can also charge our cell phones in there. Those are soap dishes that our cell phones fit in very nicely.
I replaced the top shelf of the closet and then secured the splitter/switch for cable with the screws provided.

Here is everything all hooked back up with the antenna going out the window.
Here is the antenna sitting on top of the T@B
I eventually hope to find/have made some type of plate that I can attach on the outside of the T@B using the hole where the AM/FM/TV antenna already comes out and attach an exterior cable connection, the AM/FM/TV antenna and the XM antenna.
I'm in no hurry for that, but I will find what I'm looking for eventually.
Thanks for looking!!
Rick & Carol
Coming next, loading up the T@B and taking her out for the first time!!!!

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