Friday, July 13, 2007

MOUSE-KE-T@B Decorations

Here are the first of the Mickey Mouse Decorations transforming our T@B into the MOUSE-KE-T@B.

Mickey Mouse Paper Towel Holder. I was hoping to velcro this to the counter top, but there was really no place to put it, so it will go in the upper kitchen cabinet during travel.

Mickey Mouse Cabinet Knobs

Custom Clock from Hung on wall with Command Adhesive Hook. Will go in storage cabinet during travel.

Mickey Mouse Bedding. On top of the standard T@B cushions I added two Full Size 2" memory foam toppers. I cut them in half as sometimes when I travel by myself I will only make up 1/2 of the bed as a single bed. Each cushion is covered with a twin mattress pad and a twin bottom sheet, then I have a double top sheet. The comfortor is a twin size.
In a couple of months I hope to paint the exterior trim to match my tow vehicle and replace the exterior graphics to reflect the Mickey Mouse theme !!
Carol & Rick
Coming Next, Battery Cut Off Switch Installation and XM Radio Cradle Installation.

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